Anthony Martinez on Anna Hazare Ends Hunger Strike

Anthony Martinez on has a roundup after Anna Hazare ended his hunger strike. Transcript of his video report: 

Indian anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare has agreed to end his 12-day hunger strike. This, after the Indian parliament resolved to endorse some of his demands for a new anti-corruption bill. Here’s France 24 with the details.

“That bill would create an anti-corruption agency to deal with citizens’ grievances and protect whistle blowers. The legislation has been on the table for nearly four decades, but now with massive popular support behind Hazare, parliament is scrambling to pass it. MP’s have already agreed in principle to Hazare’s demands to strengthen the bill, including extending the law to cover all civil servants.”

And now, thousands of Hazare’s supporters are celebrating the endorsement, though the activist himself says the victory is only half-won. As one writer for First Post says…

“…Anna Hazare’s fast didn’t achieve all its goals. … He didn’t even get a resolution passed in favour of his three sticking points. Parliament asserted itself, bent a little to his will, and finally did its own thing.”

Interestingly, Times of India notes– Hazare’s efforts were already close to an end even before the parliament passed its resolution.

“…little did the government know that Team Anna was precariously poised on the edge of defeat. Hazare’s sliding health and the threat of the burgeoning crowd going out of control would have led Team Anna to throw in the towel if the government had hung in for another day.”

So what’s next for Hazare and the Indian Parliament? One India News explains there’s some room for last minute opinion against the resolution…

“Last night we were assured that Parliament would pass a resolution to include Anna’s demands… which would be voted upon… Now we are being told there won’t be a resolution. There will only be a discussion and some sense of the House will be conveyed to us. This won’t be helpful or meaningful at all.”