Obama’s Pakistan bombing reminds of Cambodia, Vietnam

US-led forces in Afghanistan launched another air attack inside Pakistani territory today, September 30th. The Obama administration’s usual explanation is that these air attacks are to kill “militants.” It has emerged that in the latest bombing, at least three Pakistani troops have been killed and five injured. This is too much for Pakistan’s government, which has blocked the movement of trucks carrying NATO supplies into Afghanistan. The Pakistani authorities had earlier threatened to stop providing protection to NATO convoys if American aircraft hit Pakistani targets again. US-led occupation forces in Afghanistan are known to have launched more than twenty drone attacks and a number of missile strikes using helicopters inside Pakistan in September.

As Obama gives political cover to extending the Afghan war inside Pakistan, his military commanders describe it as part of the mission. It is all reminiscent of America’s secret bombing of Cambodia and Laos as the Vietnam war peaked in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The difference is that Obama’s bombing campaign is not, and cannot be, kept a secret.


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