Iraq 2009: civilian deaths from violence

The Iraq Body Count Project provides an analysis of civilian deaths in violence in Iraq during the year 2009. The main points are:

1. A total of 4,497 civilian deaths recorded during 2009 – about half of the previous year (9,226).


2. Mosul had become the most violent city on a per capita basis, replacing Baghdad. About 400 km northwest of the Iraqi capital, Mosul was once considered to be a Kurdish city, but is now an Arab city and not in the Kurdistan administrative region.

3. Anti-occupation forces continued to play a central part in the violence.

4. Large-scale bombings killing more than 50 civilians per attack increased in severity, claiming 750 lives in 8 attacks during 2009 compared to 534 in 9 attacks during 2008.

5. Roughly two explosions causing death to civilians and police every day (672 explosions causing 2,886 deaths); Iraq continued to suffer more deaths from such attacks than any other country.


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